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Cats need spaces to climb, run, hide! While we now keep cats in smaller apartments inside, vertical space has become more important to help them live healthy, happy lives. Creating vertical spaces that cater to cats needs is nowadays knows as catification. It usually incorporates scratching poles, cat shelves, bridges and walkways, hiding boxes, observation bowls, or even natural tree branches.

It creates place to jump and play as well as chill and watch the world go by from high above and makes sure, cats can fulfil their behavioural needs, even in smaller spaces.

Today, lots of options are available at different price points and aesthetics so everyone can find something to match their home.

DIY Cat Walls

Self installed wall with hiding boxes, shelves and scratch poles.


Example on image ordered via Lazada and Amazon

Cat Highways

High end cat highways & customised, bespoke catification solutions can be designed by cat behavior experts such as The Cat People.

High end finishes will even find approval by those looking to make their designer apartment cat friendly.


Balconies / Outdoor Spaces

Making your balcony, patio or garden cat safe and providing a space to lounge and watch birds is a great way to keep your cat entertained. Read more on cat safety here


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