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Daily Nourishment for Street Cats

LUNI Singapore actively assists numerous responsible feeders across Singapore, providing them with monthly food donations to support their vital role in caring for street cats. Our support extends beyond sustenance, providing sterilisation for all cats, facilitating the rehoming of kittens, and offering medical assistance as needed.

Our approach to responsible feeding involves using paper plates and maintaining cleanliness in the feeding areas. This practice helps prevent pest infestations, such as cockroaches, effectively reducing public concerns that often prompt calls to Pest Control services and, in turn, mitigates the call for culling street cats.

While many adult feral cats may not be suitable for adoption due to their accustomed outdoor lifestyle, it doesn’t mean they cannot lead contented lives. These cats may struggle in confined spaces and behave differently from what potential adopters anticipate. However, with sterilisation, consistent access to healthy nutrition, and necessary healthcare, these cats can thrive happily in their natural environment. Providing support within their habitat ensures their well-being while avoiding the challenges associated with attempting to domesticate them.

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