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Fostering, Socialising & Rehoming Kittens and Cats

With our individual fostering families, we specialize in nurturing, socializing, and rehoming both kittens and cats. Many individuals reach out to us upon finding abandoned or stray felines. We ensure a thorough check-up including FIV/FeLV testing at the vet, administer vaccinations, deworming, and provide all necessary treatments, showering them with the care required for their healthy development into joyful, contented cats. We are dedicated to pairing them with the perfect families.

Our adult cats are all getting sterilised additionally.

We strongly encourage adopting our kittens in pairs for their enhanced happiness. Together, they engage in playful activities, grooming, and comforting cuddles, especially when their human companions are away. Surprisingly, having two cats is actually less demanding than caring for just one! However, if you’re considering adopting a single cat, we invite you to explore our remarkable selection of adult cats available for adoption.

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