Get Involved

LUNI Singapore’s success depends on the support of many volunteers, fosterers and donations. Get involved now and help put smiles back on disadvantaged street cats. There are several options depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend.

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways to support us, ranging from being an administrator (e.g. social media, fostering, events, marketing, fundraising) to creating items for LUNI Singapore to sell or designing brochures/ leaflets. Please let us know about the skill you would like to share by filling out the Volunteer Questionnaire.

Foster Kittens

You can be one of our fosterers to take care of kittens we find on the streets for some time until they get adopted! We are happy to give you more details and support you in any way during the fostering and adoption process. Contact us for more information or fill out the Foster Questionnaire.

Adopt Kittens or Cats

Thinking about enlarging your family by adopting one of our adorable cats? Browse through this section to get some information on preparation, where to find a furry adoption post online, and how to contact us.